Visiting New York City

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There isn’t a city in the world that has not been as affected as much by a single act of terrorism as New York City was as a result of the planes crashing into the twin towers in September 2001. The pictures of the events, that saw over 2800 people lose their lives in the plan crashes, were screened around the world having an effect on New York life that has been felt ever since. The city is home to 8.5 million people which makes it as well as the most populated city in the country, the most densely populated urban area. The city contains five boroughs that are closely located together with Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island being known around the world.

The famous symbol of New York

It is located next to one of the largest natural sea ports in the world and it was as a result of this large area of water, located on the east coast facing Europe, that the City originally grew. From 1624 people from Amsterdam settled in the area and today it is home to over 3.2 million people who are born outside of the United States. There are over 800 different languages spoken in the city and it’s the main area of legal migration into the country. The 2001 attacks were not just aimed at American people but also a variety of people rom a wide range of different cultural and ethnic back grounds. Prior to 2001 37. 1 million  tourists visited the city and the year following the attack this figure dropped by 5.5 million resulting in a loss of 110,000 jobs in the tourist industry. However, since this time the city has bounced back in style and there were 61 million visitors in 2016.

Of these visitors 12 million came from overseas which illustrates how people have regained their trust in air travel. The period following the attacks resultesd in huge numbers no longer using air trave al a form of transport but the air industry has now recovered. New York’s tourist industry is symbolised bu the “I love NY” T-shirts, banners and posters. Although the advertising campaign was created back in 1977 it has certainly gathered momentum since 2001. New Yorkers are a tough breed of people. With many of them having experienced hardship in migrating into the city, they were determined to overcome the economic down turn that they experienced following 2001.

The Statute of Liberty

They City’s is steeped in history and many of its areas reflect the multi cultural mix of the area. Chinatown and Little Italy are two such areas that are regularly visited by people. The Statute of Liberty is ofeten the first sight that many migrants have seen when they have arrived by boat into their new country. Built in France by the French in 1875 the stature first arrived by boat in 1886 before being constructed on Bedloes Island. Originally built to celebrate the country’s independence the sight is visited by many visitors every year.

One of the most popular areas of the city is Times Square located in the Midtown Manhattan part of New York. Each year pictures are beamed around the world of New Yorkers bring in the New Year and the area is famous for it being at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue.

Broadway is the home of the city’s, and even the nation’s, theatreland. The Theatre District is where the this form of entertainment grew from the start of the 19th century. Today there are 41 theatres in the area that hold more than 500 spectators. Showining a wide variety of performances, the area is really well known for its production of large musicals. The city is famed for its great shopping with many major stores dominating many of the central areas of the city. The beauty of the city is that despite its high urban density it does offer great rural retreats. Long Island is a great get away for those toursists, in the summer season, who are looking for sun and sand. There is also the opportunity to visit “Jones Beach” the location of the the 1970s film “Jaws”. New York is one of the most highly visited cities in the world.