Top Amusement Parks to Visit in the United States

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Thrill seekers unite under an umbrella of an adventurous spirit. America has a band of exciting places to visit with a vast array of activities for all ages. Amusement parks carnivals and festivals are spread out across the country for everyone to enjoy. The merriment is found in two forms in various states. Most festivals and carnivals are passing through the area. They are scheduled to set up for typically four to seven days before moving on to the next location. Due to mobility, you can expect a smaller version of rides and events to take place.  Amusement parks on the other hand are themed paragons of exploration. They are stationary locations with hours of operation depending on the weather. These parks have the larger roller coasters and endorsements to elevate an ordinary experience into an exhilarating ride.

Six Flags

One of the largest amusement park chains in the world is Six Flags. They have almost two dozen locations in the United States and several parks open around the world. Depending on the geographical region, you will see different focuses at each one. They are consistent in their offerings of wild roller coasters and innovative rides. Games, shows and food booths or restaurants are all available on site. Six Flags have water parks also which doubles the fun for families and friends.

Cedar Point

Ohio is the home of over 18 big roller coasters and almost 80 additional rides. They are all a part of the Cedar Point amusement park. Interactive shows and exhibits sweeten the deal for their fans. Over four million visitors per year puts the state on the map for entertainment. Music, food and dinosaurs are a part of the draw making Cedar Point a favorited park.


Two separate entities on each coast have the same premise. Movie themed and based games and roller coasters bring in enthusiasts by the droves. Detailed sceneries and scene driven rides put visitors in some of their favorited films. Gripping turns and plot twists calls for an all out vacation at one of Universals amusement parks. There are tons of activities for both children and adults with guest appearances, gripping shows to watch and a chance to spend the day like a star.

Disneyland and Disneyworld

Disneyland and Disneyworld
Disneyland and Disneyworld

Much like Universal, Disney parks and resorts are designed for the ultimate getaway. Magical musings and delightful days are lavishly portrayed with character hosts and a full Disney theme. Movies, books and shows come to life making wishes come true every day. A plethora of rides and activities on the itinerary brighten the energy of all age groups. Entering the park will transport you to a far away place to fill your fairytale dreams.

Traveling in the United States is an emporium of diversity. From enriching Classic arts to a roller coaster ride under the stars, America truly is a land of opportunity and adventurous possibility. Visiting any of the many amusement parks, fairs or festivals will be a memory that will last a lifetime.