The food enjoyed by tourists in the USA – part 2

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Charles Feltman inventor of the hot dog

For many people visiting the United States there first port of call is New York City. This was certainly the case for millions of migrants as they first stepped food onto their new home soil. The city has a rich history for its cuisine and still today boasts some of the finest restaurants in the world. However, it also has earned the highest reputation of producing food for the masses. One of the city’s most famous foods is the hot dog. There are many stalls in the area that boast a rich history and claim to serve the best hot dog that money can buy. The first man to make a hot dog was Charles Feltman who did so in 1867 and called it a “Red Hot Coney Island”. It grew from these humble beginnings but in 1946 the business closed. It has now re-opened and its signature hot dog comes served with raw onion, sauerkraut, chili and cheese. One of New York’s famous fast food chain outlets is “Shake Shack” which first opened in the city in 2001 as a hot dog cart. It has since expanded rapidly to producing burgers, chicken, French fries and fruit shakes as well as its hot dog. As well as having numerous carts around the country it has 136 international carts and it is now a public limited company. Not many cities have a food named after their location, New York Pizza is famous around the world. New York was the first home to millions of Italians who migrated into the United States. The huge local population were craving for their local foods and soon pizzerias were emerging in the city. The New York style pizzas emerged from the Neapolitan pizza, and they are characterized by having high gluten bread flour. They are thin pizzas and are often cut into wide slices and are often taken away as a single slice. This has occurred because the poor Italian migrants could not afford the whole pizza, so they would just purchase individual slices. It is easy to believe that the food of the country is centred around unhealthy fast food outlets, yet this is not the case. Many fast food outlets now offer healthy alternative dishes and there are many fine dining restaurants located around the country.


Jean Georges Restaurant in New York

The chefs of the United States have access to the best quality agricultural products in the world. One of the top restaurants in New York is “Jean Georges” which is located in Central park. This is named after the head chef Jean Georges Vongerichtens who oversees the operations in the kitchen. Top class dishes are served, and the success of his signatory restaurant has led to Vongerichtens opening 16 other establishments around the world. However, he is in good company in New York as he constantly faces stiff competition from “Le Bernardin” and “Daniel”, who also aim to satisfy the pallets of those in the famous city who can afford to dine in their classy establishments. While eating in the United States tourists are given the option of purchasing whatever food they desire. They are also able to do so at affordable prices as the competition within the country has kept the prices as low as they can possibly afford. For a “foodie” the United States is a dream location.