The food enjoyed by tourists in the USA- Part 1

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When tourists travel to the United States it is often a culinary adventure that people will remember for always. With the country being populated by migrants from all around the world there are a variety of cuisines that have been adapted over the years into the country’s own unique style. There is no better example of this with the first meal of the day, breakfast. Just visiting a diner is a treat in itself and these café type establishments serve breakfasts all day. There are many different foods available but they all have their own variations. Eggs are popular but there are American ways of serving them such as poached, or scrambled, or “sunny side up”, or over easy, or over medium, or over hard. It can take a long time just ordering a simple egg and bacon breakfast. Many

A sample of what is served at a Diner

Americans like to eat bagels for breakfast and some even have cold pizza. However, as the country has become more health conscious cold cereals are becoming a more common occurrence for those people who are counting their calories. There are many eateries in America that try and out compete their rivals with the value they offer. Eating in the United States can be a cheap experience as prices are kept to a minimum as different establishments try and offer the best value. Sometimes restaurants try and entice customers with the size of the portions on offer. It is a common misconception the all American’s diets are based around the hamburger, yet they are still popular. Each city will have their own favorite Hamburger restaurants that will be slightly different than the larger national establishments. For example visitors to Los Angeles are just as likely to go to Bill’s Burgers as they are to go to MacDonald’s or Burger King. Situated in an ordinary looking street in Van Nuys customers are happy to wait 15 to 20 minutes for one of the burgers that is carefully, and skillfully prepared. The tastes that emanate from the meat are something that can’t be replicated with the mass produced burgers.


The food that is served at Taco Be

Eating fast food in the United States gives diners a great option of what they wish to eat. One of the biggest influences in the market is Mexican cuisine. One of the biggest chains is Taco-Bell which serves a wide a variety of Tex-Mex dishes. Tex-Mex is the name to Mexican food that has been given an American fusion and this includes tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos. Other big fast food chains in the country sell fried chicken. The southern region of the country is popularly fond of deep fried chicken. All of the large restaurants that sell it will have a deeply guarded recipe that produces the batter that results in the chicken tasting so good. The biggest name around the world for fried chicken is Kentucky Fried Chicken which has been operating since the 1950’s. However, in the States if faces pressure from other respected rivals. One of these is Church’s Chicken which was formed in Texas in 1952. The chicken is as delicious as their other rivals and it is meaty. It is also come served with an American styled dough based biscuit and a portion of mashed potato. It is eating the chicken like every-day Texans would dine. The country are masters at providing a great variety of fast food outlets.