The Enigmatic Past of Salem Massachusetts

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Place yourself in the Eastern part of the USA during the dark year of 1692. A time when the Puritans rose to power while carrying all the superstition and fears of their forefathers. America was a strange place at that time with neighboring cultures believed to deceive their way of life. Puritans upheld their Christian belief with the strongest of convictions. It was a horrific injustice befell the ground they walked upon. A series of circumstances, choices and persuasions led to an event that has stained American history forever. The little village of Salem in Massachusetts is one of the oldest colonial settlements. It is filled with enriching history from the early days. Before modern law and the constitution was realized, justice and equality were not the foundation of this country. The Puritans were prejudiced to their pastors and way of life which also was a priority in their political dealings. All these factors created the ideal environment for the famous Salem Witch Trials.

Salem Witch Trials Summary

A brief summary begins with the accusations that stemmed from two young girls who displayed bizarre symptoms resulting in the assumption they were cursed. This denoted the Puritans greatest fear coming to their homes. The witch hunting was started from those who didn’t want to follow the puritan lifestyle as closely as others. Missed sermons, natural healing supplies and attributes automatically depicted the picture of a witch. More than 200 men and women were accused, nineteen were hung for their active practice of witchcraft, one was tortured with stone weights while several more died in jail. It is said that all of them were innocent, their live were taken in a fit of hysteria displayed by the superiors of the region. The witch hunting and trials have inspired a future of progressive thinking and acceptance especially in Salem.

Salem Met their Match

Museums and historical sites have been preserved with fine tuned precision. Paperwork and evidence from the trials are an integral part of the culture in Salem today. With the help of television shows and movies, the area has become famous for their past deeds. Salem is now the hub of witchy ways and a beacon for the mystical side of life. As the original notion was to rid the land of witches, the opposite effect has happened through time vindicating those who were proven guilty before they could prove their innocence.

Travelers and tourists flock to Salem for a magical journey of history and the unknown. Were there really witches behind the scenes? The town is a continued exploration of superstitious beliefs. An array of shops, stands, shows and festivals will invite you into the realm of Salem where you can find the answers to your questions. Among the assumptions and accusations, the truth is hidden in the walls of history throughout the mysteries of this little town in Massachusetts.