Skiing in the United States

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The United States has a flourishing ski industry. It has numerous areas that have now been developed to accommodate this winter sport. With the continuing development of the air industry the areas are not only visited from people from other parts of the country but also by people from all over the world.

The Jackson Hole aerial tram

The beauty of the country is that there are so many areas that are mountainous it means that many regions of the country have enough winter snow to be able to support a ski season. One would expect skiing to be associated with the northerly states but not necessarily with a State with a reputation for a hot climate such as California. However, this is not the case with California. The Sierra Nevada mountain range provides enough snow for skiing to be practiced. There is a fine history of Skiing in the State with the Winter Olympic Games being held at Squaw Valley Ski Resort back in 1960. The area offers 43 lifts and 270 different rails for skiers.

Despite its size it is not the largest ski resort in the Lake Tahoe area. Heavenly Mountain Resort spreads into both Nevada and California covering 4,800 acres. Its peak lift area is at 10,067 feet and its 97 runs are supported by large annual snowfall plus the country’s largest snow making machines.

One of the most popular and highly rated ski resorts currently is the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming. Located in the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains, it lies 12 miles to the north-west of Jackson and is generally pretty remote in relation to other conurbations.

However, the development of the resort has been aided with the Jackson Hole Airport which has air services to many major cities in the United States. This has been accompanied by extensive developments of the chair and the lift systems in the resort. The aerial tram is famed for carrying up to 100 passengers, up to over 4000 feet. The skiing from this one ride is enough for most people.

The Alyeska Resort in Alaska

The reason why so much money has been invested in the infrastructure of the resort is that it offers some of the most challenging slopes in the country. Reliable snowfall has covered vast continuous stretches of vertical slopes that appear to run in every direction. Vail in Colorado is one of the country’s most famous ski resorts. Situated virtually in the centre of the country and around 120 miles away from Denver, the decent communications between the resort and Denver airport, has resulted in it being a popular destination since it was first opened in 1962.

The resort offers a huge area to be explored. It has a good snow record and there are a huge variety of runs for all abilities. Some of the views from the resort are among the best that can be found in any of the country’s ski resorts.

One of the most unusual ski resorts in the country is Alyeska Resort in Alaska. Being totally surrounded by snow ice and wilderness, does give the resort a strange atmosphere. Yet despite its unusual surroundings it is proving to be a popular destination for many skiers.

It has a good snow record, there is a huge vertical drop in the resort and there are a wide range of different slopes for all abilities. Considering it is in Alaska, the 50 minute drive from Anchorage airport makes it fairly easy to get to. It is a lot easier to get to than some of the resorts in the Rockies. The uniqueness of skiing in Alaska has most probably helped to raise its popularity. There are vast areas of skiing in the States but each area appears to be a little different from the next. Maybe it is this unusual mix of areas that has led to American skiing being so successful.