Miami and its beaches

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Miami is the major city in Florida. It is known for being one of the most popular destinations in the country, and even the world. The state is blessed with good weather all year round which goes some way to explain why as well as being a favorite  spot for tourists it attracts the old from all over the country who wish to spend their retirement years in a warm climate. The major pull of Miami is the area around the sea. The beaches of the city and its surrounded areas are typified by the golden sand and the sheer size of them. In Florida there are 825 miles of beaches to choose from and all of them have something that makes them unique.

The huge size of Miami Beach

The beaches are either facing the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.  Miami Beach faces the Atlantic Ocean and is typical of a city front beach, in that it has an enormous variety of activities than can be enjoyed. Restaurants spread onto to the beach and not surprisingly tourists can enjoy some of the finest sea food eateries that can be found anywhere. There are also bars with direct access onto the sand so its patrons can enjoy cocktails and other types of refreshments, while still enjoying the beach.

There are different themes to beaches. For example 12th Street Beach is the most popular gay beach in the city so it tends to attract a large number of the gay population. Nearby Haulover Beach is one of the best nudist beaches in the world as it offers tennis, a golf course and even hotels that can be enjoyed by people who are still in the nude.

The Miami Beach area is lined with hotels and spas. They often incorporate shopping malls so there is plenty of different activities that people can do. The beaches on the Gulf Coast do not offer the same activities or entertainments than those on the Atlantic Ocean. They are more natural and can be secluded. These are ideal destinations for those who looking to get away from it all needing peace and relaxation.

St George Island is a barrier Island located just off the coast. It offers tranquil and un-spoiled surroundings. The clear gulf waters attract a wide variety of animal life in the area, and also gives swimmers the opportunity to view them. No high rise buildings are allowed on the Island which has helped to maintain its unique environment. The waters of the beaches are favorite destinations for those people who come to the region looking to fish. Due to its vast number of lakes and its huge shoreline the area offers both world class fresh water and salt fishing. More than 900 world fishing records have been broken in the State which is more than anywhere else in the world.

Marlin fishing is popular in the waters off Miami

People can either sit by a lake or river, or even hire out a vessel from many of the marinas, and spend their day fishing. Where ever their choice may take them, Miami fishing give the angler to catch some very large fish. The marinas also give people to hire out boats in order to take to the water without wanting to fish. There are opportunities for people to sail, or even to take engine powered cruisers. This gives tourists the opportunity to explore the vast areas of water giving them a real sense of adventure.

There are many other activities available for people visiting Miami. The perfect climate has resulted in some of the country’s most famous sporting franchises locating in the city. The Dolphins represent the city’s football team, the Marlins are named after the baseball team, the Heat after the basketball team and the city’s ice hockey team is called the Florida Panthers.

This has resulted many sports fans coming to the city on vacation and watching a sport in action when they are present. Some others come to the area to play golf on one of the many courses that have been built in the region. There are many reasons why tourists are attracted to Miami.