Methods for a tourist to get to and get around the United States

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The United States has the third largest tourist industry in the world after France and Spain. However, tourists spend more money in the States than any other country. As well as attracting visitors from overseas the country has a huge domestic market, as many people from the States simply do not like travelling abroad. The beauty of the country as a tourist destination is its size. It can offer great holiday’s for virtually any interest and covers either end of any spectrum. For example if a visitor wants to experience the hottest place on the planet a trip to Nevada will satisfy that desire. At the same time someone wishing to extreme cold will be directed towards Alaska and they will get the holiday of their choice.

Another Delta plane takes off from Atlanta

The growth of the Nation into one of the most developed countries in the world has created huge and important cities. These urban agglomerations attract many visitors each year and as well as being bases for holidays all of the major centres provide route-ways for visitors to get into and out of the country. International tourism certainly gathered pace with the development of international air travel, especially between 1945 and 1969. At the start of this period passenger planes could carry 28 passengers travelling at 2000 mph, but by 1969 planes could carry 150 passengers at 600 mph. Since that date the numbers of passengers on each plane has increased to over 500.

Of the world’s top 20 busiest airports 6 are located in the United States. The busiest airport in the world dealing with numbers of passengers is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and has been for 19 consecutive years. In 2016 it served over 104 million passengers. The reason for its popularity is due to its location in relation to the rest of the country. It serves 219 cities with direct flights and over 750,000 passengers each year fly to both Amsterdam and Paris. Over 72% of all flights are operated by Delta Airlines which has made the airport its operational home. There are 503 different airports in the country that serve the general public and many of these have international flights.

Prior to the development of air travel there was only one way for tourists to arrive into the States from Europe and that was by sea. The country was populated by migrants entering the country through the major ports at New York and other east coast cities. Today there are still a number of tourists who arrive by boat but the busiest port is now in Miami with passengers often en route to other destinations in The Caribbean and South America.

The affluent arriving in Miami

The tourist industry in the country was helped enormously during the early part of the 20th century by the development of the extensive road and rail networks. Not only did this help with foreign business arriving from Canada and Central America it also encouraged the country’s own population to go and explore different areas of their own country. For the average New Yorker a week in Texas is like visiting another country, and this is a typical scenario to be found in the United States. The opening up of the roads has encouraged coach travel and the most widely used is the Greyhound Bus Company.

It serves over 3700 locations in the States and if traveling into Canada another 1300 places can be visited. It is user friendly with many different forms of season tickets available for the tourists to take advantage of this relatively cheap travel. Amtrak offers a similar service for those people who wish to travel around by train. In such a large country it enables passengers to travel faster and be relatively free as they travel large distances. The company offers specialist train vacations and tours and is becoming increasingly popular with both international and domestic tourists. The success of tourism is affected by the effectiveness of a country’s transport routes and there is no greater example than those of the United States.