Golf and other sporting holidays to the United States

By on 4-25-2018 in Staytunednetworks

There are a great number of people who go on all types of sporting trips to the United States. Being such a large geographical country it means that a wide variety of sports are played and for some of them, they are played in the best conditions in the world. The sporting trips can either be to spectate or to participate in. The sport of golf offers, in equal measure, the opportunity for people to either watch or play. In men’s professional golf there are 4 tournaments that are regarded as the Major Events. The British Open, The Masters, the American Open and the PGA Championship, and the later 3 are staged every year in America.

The Masters is the only one of the four events that is held every year at the same venue, and that is at the Augusta National Golf Club, in the State of Georgia. For a week the region is transformed as hundreds of thousands of golf fans descend on the region to watch the professional golfers attempt to conquer the challenges that have been set by this golf course since it was first held in 1934. It has been estimated that then tournament brings in 125 million dollars into the local economy for that week alone. People will stay in the local area, visit local restaurants and even play at local golf courses. The course hold 40,000 spectators and the cost of a 4 day pass for fans is 375 US dollars. The benefits continue throughout the year as people will visit the course in other times hoping to get a game at the famous venue.

The 40,000 watching the Masters

The other tournaments will also bring the same commercial spin offs from hosting the tournament yet they share the venues around the country. The fact that the Masters is held at The Augusta National means the region has become annually dependent on the competition and it has turned the course into one of the most recognizable in the world. Other golfing enthusiasts visit the States so they can actually play in a number of pre-organised rounds of golf at a variety of golf courses. There are increasing number of tour companies that specialise in golf holidays and the United States is an ideal destination as it has 45% of all of the world’s golf courses. Every State has an abundance of good golf courses yet the regions with the more favorable climates attract the greater numbers.

The most popular area appears to be Myrtal Beach in South Carolina. The area has 100 golf courses locally and the spin offs from the tourism generated is of great benefit to the area. Golf can attract the most affluent people in society. Other sports also attract large numbers of people to come and visit particular areas. The boxing industry has in recent decades hosted many of its world Championship Fights at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with many fans being attracted from overseas.

Hatton and Mayweather in action in Las Vegas

When Ricky Hatton Fought Floyd Mayweather in 2007 for the championship, it was estimated that over 30,000 fans travelled over from Manchester to support the British Boxer. The venue regularly hosts these contests and Vegas tourist numbers are swelled by these temporary invasions of fight fans.

Temporary swelling of numbers due to sporting events also happens in Boston and New York as they annually host two of the world’s most famous marathons. A combination of people participating, plus large groups of people supporting these huge event results in many people arriving in these cities. The positive impact that this has on the local economy is huge and is a major reason why cities compete with each other in order to host a profile sporting event. One of the largest sporting spectacles each year in the States is the Super Bowl and stadiums compete fiercely with each other to get the honor of hosting the event. The financial benefits do not just come from the ticket prices fans will pay but also from the money they are likely to spend when the they spend a couple of nights in the stadium’s city.