Daytona Beach and spring break

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Daytona Beach is situated 242 miles to the north-west of Miami. It is a popular tourist destination as a result of its climate, beaches and its international reputation for motor car racing. It attracts over 8 million people every year and there is a good balance between international and domestic visitors. A major feature of the number of visitors coming to the region is that the numbers will vary with what events are being held at the Daytona International Speedway track. The stadium was built in 1959 to host racing that was being held at the nearby Daytona Beach Road Course. Already land speed records were being set there but a better viewing arena for the public was needed.

Packed stadiums at the “Daytona 500”

The tracks main feature is a 2.5 mile high speed tri-oval track. The banked design means that cars can travel at greater speeds, and the complex also includes a 3.56 mile sports car track and a 2.95 mile motorcycle course. Within the complex is the 29 acre Lake Lloyd which hosts powerboat racing. The main tri-oval is completely floodlit which makes it the third largest sporting floodlit arena in the world. Since 1959 the stadium has undergone many recent renovations. Its’ most recent in 2016 cost 400 million dollars that has left a more comfortable viewing arena, that has 101,000 seats for its spectators, which can be increased to 125,000 seats during the main competitions’

Some of the events such as the “Daytona 500” sees racing fans flooding into the city and packing out the stadium. Each February drivers compete in the 500 mile race which involves 200 laps of the circuit. As well as attracting a sell-out crowd it is also aired on television, and in 2006 that year’s race attracted the 6th largest global audience for any sporting event. As well as over a dozen major race weekends each year the venue attracts all other types of events and exhibitions that encourage more people to come and visit Daytona. Racing however is not the only activity that attracts people into the region.

The Beach area benefits from golden sands and the warm all year round temperatures. During the summer months the area is at its hottest with high humidity that often results in tropical thunderstorms. The winter sees a cooler climate but still a great deal warmer than the rest of the country. There are 23 miles of beaches that are available to tourists with some of them allowing access by car. Around the beach area there are 10 waterfront parks and there are numerous activities to keep visitors entertained.

Many people enjoying “Spring Break”

The most popular waterpark is Daytona Lagoon which is open all year around. It offers a variety of indoors and outdoors, activities and rides. The location of the Park just off the city of the city makes it a popular venue for the tourists. One of the most popular times of the year for the region is the Easter period which is known throughout the country as “Spring Break”. It is a convenient time for students to take a break just before their final examinations.

Daytona Beach has been a popular location for tens of thousands of fun seeking students to make their way to the city for a weekend full of partying. This is greeted by a variety of responses from local residents.

While many are delighted by the income that is earned from this relatively short period of time, others are concerned by the behavior and the reputation that it brings to the region. The location of Daytona Beach is fairly remote but this has not stopped it from being one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.