Always Remember… The Holocaust Memorial Museum

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Each year, a day of remembrance is marked by the 27th day of Nisan as depicted on the Hebrew calendar. It is this very day we remember the tragic events that befell our history, our lives and the entire world. The Holocaust was a notorious and unforgiving period of our past that has impacted generations on a global scale. Hundreds of thousands were subjected to inhumane conditions and treatment under the guiding Nazi regime. With hopes to “purify” bloodlines, concentration camps and execution centers were designed to eliminate entire masses from existence. Religiously and racially derived, the Nazis waged a war against humanity that left a tear in history that will forever remain in our hearts.

The Holocaust Museum

One of the largest museums dedicated to the Holocaust is located in Washington D.C. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum or USHMM, is a tribute to those who survived the Holocaust, loved ones who have been lost and the healing world that was left behind. During World War II, Jewish individuals and families were the largest of groups persecuted by the Nazis. Losing their homes and businesses, Jews were forced to relocate to the slums side of various towns. Dozens of individuals would crowd into a small room or studio while trying to salvage their faith and hope for tomorrow.

The Holocaust Museum
The Holocaust Museum image via Flickr

The Nazis became intolerant of anyone who bore a different religious belief, lifestyle or race. Shipped off to camps where hard labor and starvation were the precedence, illness pursued across the prisoners. Genocide was delivered by several cruel means. Gas chambers, firing squads and ovens were among the methods the Nazis used. The USHMM holds an array of tearful memories that allow future generations to pay their respects and remember these fateful times.

Holocaust Memories on Display

The Museum brings us from the beginning of the Holocaust to its final last breaths. Documentation and records are among the displays of real items used by both the Nazis and the prisoners. An understanding of life in hiding, the horrors of the camps and sorrowful elation as the end came. Donations and procurements of items from actual sites lend an unsettling opportunity to see Holocaust artifacts. Videos, memorials and interviews of survivors are available to view. A notably haunting section of the Museum is the vast display of personally owned items that were taken from prisoners prior to their imprisonment in the camps. Some were recovered from the actual concentration camp locations which typically meant the owner did not survive. Treasured photographs tell the story of the holocaust with images that will live on throughout time. Honoring this period also rings in the thought of prevention and recognition. The USHMM holds efforts to educate and bring awareness for the future to prevent and protect humanity from reliving the same traumatic history of the Holocaust. Visiting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will change your perspective of life with an integrity that unites men, women and children of any era.