A Tribute to America’s Little House on the Prairie

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If you have read the iconic series of “Little House on the Prairie, you are familiar with Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The author became a household name as she shared her treasure of tales of her life and family. The books became a television show that brought Laura’s legacy to the screen. In a modern society, the show and books were a breath of fresh air. The day to day lifestyles of friends, family and neighbors were based in the late Eighteen Hundreds. We laughed and cried as Laura went from being a “half pint” to Beth. The trials and triumphs taught us lessons of selflessness and perseverance. Becoming a part of history and culture, Laura and her Little House made a home in our hearts.

The Ingalls and Wilder heritages were preserved to continue inspiring the generations. To some, the series was a glimpse of the past while others became a part of the community. Tracing her life from a young age, she traveled frequently as her family attempted to settle. From her parents Charles and Caroline to her married home, enthusiasts and historians have created special spaces and museums to see first hand the legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museums

If you would like to visit one or all locations, you can tour the tribute of the Little House lives. Homesteads and goods are presented that many will remember from reading about or watching the stories. It is a special moment when you can appreciate Pa’s fiddle or the homes Laura has lived in. The works of the family are one of the many cherished roots of our past.

The Ingalls Home Dugout Home

The famous home in the hillside that Pa built is still in existence for visitors. Situated along the banks of Plum Creek, the hand made house is a little over a mile from Walnut Grove, Minnesota. It has been left undisturbed to maintain the same surroundings that Laura had as a young girl.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum

The final home of Laura and Almonzo is located in Mansfield, Missouri. Many of the artifacts were left in place as Laura decided many years ago. Her home has been held intact with a nostalgic collection of her life. Items from her parents, husband and sister recounts our favorite chapters in real life.

Ingalls Home

Laura spent her teen years in De Smet, South Dakota. In 1879, her family moved to the region when she was thirteen years old. She met her husband Almonzo, attended school and had daily chores on the prairie lands. The location is set up for guests to have a hands-on experience with covered wagons, a one room school house and the activities of Laura and her family.

Several museums are dedicated to honoring an era past with a Little House theme. As far North as Wisconsin to the sunny side of California, you have an opportunity to witness the tribute to a humble yet iconic family.